Sunday , December 4 2016

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Rumour: New Moto prototype spotted by Mr Blurrycam


It’s been a while since we’ve had a good leak or rumour, and I’m not sure that’s a bad thing. However, some recent images of a new Moto phone scheduled for 2017 definitely look compelling, and due to their familiar styling perhaps even believable. The new device looks a little reminiscent …

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The countdown is on: to go.

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Motorola Getting Creative With Moto Mods


Just the other day I reported that Motorola was looking to extend the functionality of the Moto Z to Tango. Now it has been revealed that Motorola are not content with stopping there. Following on from their statements regarding a Tango Moto Mod, Motorola have revealed they are working on …

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Rumour: FitBit looking at purchasing Pebble


It seems that connected fitness giant FitBit is likely to acquire the darling of crowdsource funding and the the lover of e-ink smartwatches, Pebble. The deal, yet to be confirmed by either party, could see Pebble change hands for a mere USD$40million (approximately AUD$54 million).   It would most likely seem …

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All Swiftkey Themes Are Now Free


There are approximately one bazillion keyboards available for Android users on Google Play. For many there is just one that stands apart from all the rest, SwiftKey. Just two days ago we reported how SwiftKey had just become “even more awesome” with additions to it’s hub. The improvements haven’t stopped …

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Motorola Getting Out Of the Smartwatch Game, For Now


Android Wear started off with a bang but in recent times its development and device releases have slowed, most notably with Google delaying Android Wear 2.0 until 2017. Motorola, manufacturer of what used to be the best looking Android Wear watch going around, have decided to push Android Wear aside, …

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